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Trust In Our Locksmiths Services Across Kent

When it comes to the security of our domestic homes and commercial properties, we’ll pay close attention to the threats and risks that we can see. That, however, skips a huge part of theft and burglary which is the use of new methods and ingenious techniques to gain access through your doors or windows.

We know that you won’t want to worry about this rare occasion happening, but it’s vital that you have a secure property that you can put your faith in every time you lock up. At Epic Locksmiths we’re chosen across Kent for our locksmith services to ensure that home and business owners feel comfortable and confident every time they lock up behind them.

To put your faith in our team of locksmiths in Kent, you’ll want to know what services that we can provide for your property. Here are three of our trusted locksmith services waiting for you to take advantage of:

  • Lock picking services: If you come up against a troubling lock on your property and you’re wondering how to fix it, replace it or just gain entry, you’re in the right place. At Epic Locksmiths we’ll use our experience in picking locks while using accepted techniques from across the locksmith world. We’ll gain access using our non-destructive entry methods – this means that your locks won’t be damaged during the process.

  • Free quotation for your new locks: Some locks will become too damaged over time, some properties may need regular maintenance and other locks will require a complete upgrade. When you choose to work with our team at Epic Locksmiths, we will be able to visit your property and draw up an accurate quotation for free before we start any work. This is a great way to budget for your security and know that you’re getting the best price for the work we offer.

  • Window and door lock replacements: On top of our locksmith services, we’re also able to turn our hand to a wide range of window and door replacements. We understand how to fix locks on UPVC windows, garage doors and everything in between without any problems. Our professional team of locksmiths in Kent are on hand to help you improve the security of your whole property.

If you’d like to discover more about our work at Epic Locksmiths and why we’re trusted across Kent, get in contact today.

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