Epic Locksmiths Price List 

Epic Locksmith Prices for Kent

Gaining entry to your property Monday-Friday:

8am to 6pm: Gain entry £75 Only

6am to 8am: Gain entry £85 Only

6pm to 9pm: Gain Entry £85 Only

9pm to 12am: Gain Entry £95 Only

12am to 6am: Gain Entry £110 Only


8am to 6pm: Gain entry £95 Only

6am to 8am: Gain entry £105 Only

6pm to 9pm: Gain Entry £105 Only

9pm to 12am: Gain Entry £115 Only

12am to 6am: Gain Entry £130 Only

If a lock replacement is required after gaining entry a price will be agreed before any work is undertaken.

Bank Holidays based on weekend rates.



Cylinder Lock Replacements (usually found in UPVC doors)

Versa SnapeSafe Cylinder Lock Replacement £45 including parts and labor £15 per additional Versa SnapSafe fitted.

Brisant D SnapSafe Dimple Lock Replacement £65 including parts and labor £35 per additional Brisant D SnapSafe Dimple Lock fitted.


Brisant Ultion Multipoint Lock Replacement BSI 3 Stars £85 including parts and labor £55 per additional Brisant Ultion Multipoint lock fitted.


Mortice Lock Replacements (usually found in wooden doors)

ERA Fortress 5 Lever British Standard Sash/Deadbolt lock replacement £55 including parts and labor £35 per additional Sash/Deadbolt lock fitted.

Boarding Up

Board 1 Window/door £70 (+£40 per additional windows or doors).

Additional charges may apply for Bank Holidays.

All prices are as above and there are no hidden charges.

Lock replacement charges are only valid during office hours

8am-6pm Mon-Fri

Festive holidays will incur further charges as per quote.

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