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Experienced Locksmiths In Gillingham

Your home or commercial property has a duty to feel safe for everyone inside it. Whether it’s when you’re unwinding in front of your TV over the weekend or as your staff leave for the evening, you’ll want to guarantee your property feels secure. At Epic Locksmiths we’re chosen as a leading team of locksmiths in Gillingham who can provide you with a number of helpful services.

Our DBS-checked and highly-trained locksmiths in Gillingham have become an asset for companies and homeowners in the Kent area. During our time in the business we have had to cope with the growing sophistication of entry methods from those trying to gain access to your property. This has made the role of our locksmiths change to accommodate the latest products and newest developments.

Here is how we can help you and offer peace of mind when you stay and leave your property:

  • Lock replacement: If you’ve had the same set of locks for a while, a fair few problems can manifest themselves. The locks may not have aged very well which can leave them vulnerable to attack, or you may have given out a number of keys which are still in circulation. Our professional lock replacement in Gillingham will strengthen the security of your home or commercial property by replacing your ageing locks with a new set.

  • Lock upgrades: There are certain trends that occur in specific areas and Kent is no different in this regard. It could be a recent spate of burglaries in the area or a new way of picking locks that has come to light. If you hear about these things you may feel safer after you’ve upgraded your locks to the highest standard. Our locksmiths in Gillingham will offer you a range of domestic and commercial options suited to you.

  • Lock picking: It’s a regular occurrence for our locksmiths to visit homes and properties that have got their locks stuck, lost their keys or become locked out. For all of these concerns and more, choose Epic Locksmiths to help unpick the lock using our range of unobtrusive unlocking techniques.

  • Emergency help: When disaster strikes your property, you’ll want a reliable team who can quickly and assertively offer you a solution. We’re on hand to provide you with emergency boarding services and unlocking services when you need them most.

If you’d like to find out more about the services our locksmiths in Gillingham can offer you, speak to our team today.

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